The Hot Shop

Watch contemporary glass history in the making

“When we opened our doors, we set out to make the Hot Shop a glimpse into the working artist’s studio. Our audience has the opportunity to watch the creative process happen.” - Ben Cobb, Hot Shop Director

Watch contemporary glass history in the making as our Hot Shop Team, in collaboration with Visiting Artists, demonstrate the fascinating process of creating works of art from molten glass. Live glass demonstrations occur every day we're open, and give you a better understanding of how the objects you see in the Museum were made.



The Museum’s Visiting Artist Residency Program hosts internationally-known and emerging artists from around the world. Residencies range in length from single day visits to multiple weeks and many of our Visiting Artists give a presentation on the final day of their residency.


Visiting Artists repeatedly say MOG’s Hot Shop Team is one of the best glassblowing groups in the world. Each with their own unique skills, this collaborative team can be seen in action daily.

explore the studio

Take a closer look at the Hot and Cold shops housed within the cone. Every piece of glass, start to finish, is completed within these two areas of the studio.


Watch the Hot Shop Livestream