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Welcome to the Musem of Glass Press Room, where you'll find Museum related news and information, press releases, and social media policies.

Press requests for information, high-resolution images, b-roll footage, or interview opportunities should be directed to our Communications Department. Contact us via email or at 253.284.4732.

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Social Media Guidelines 

Thank you for visiting Museum of Glass on social media and engaging in the stories we are presenting.  

Museum of Glass is committed to using our social media platforms for an open dialogue around glass and glassmaking. We welcome all visitors of our social media channels to engage with the Museum in these conversations, as the purpose of our social media presence is to inform and connect with visitors. Museum of Glass social media content is designed to mirror our website and programming, and to offer greater perspective on these items. You can find Museum of Glass on social media through the links below. 

Posts, comments, and replies on Museum of Glass social media pages should be respectful and suitable for all ages. We reserve the right to delete any of the following types of content and block users who share such content: 

  • Violent, obscene, profane, hateful or racist posts, links, or images 

  • Comments that threaten or defame any person or organization 

  • Solicitations, advertisements, or endorsements of any financial, commercial, or not-for-profit organizations, websites, unincorporated organizations or clubs, contests, or promotions 

  • Comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity 

  • Multiple successive off-topic posts by a single user 

  • Repetitive posts copied and pasted or duplicated by single or multiple users 

Comments and posts made by those outside the museum, including exhibiting or visiting artists, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Museum or its staff. Ideas expressed by artists in artwork are their own and do not indicate policies or positions of the Museum or its staff. As a contemporary art museum, we are immersed in the issues of our time. We are expected to be a platform for dialogue and conversation, to provide a place for diverse perspectives within our galleries, and to authentically represent the voices of the artists with whom we work. 

Communications made via Museum of Glass social media pages will in no way constitute a legal or official notice or comment to Museum of Glass or any official or employee for any purpose. 

For Artists 

Museum of Glass works with hundreds of exhibiting artists in our galleries and visiting artists in our Hot Shop. While we aim to highlight the work of everyone we work with, our social media channels can become crowded due to the volume of Museum activities throughout the year. Which artist content to post, when it is posted, and how frequently it is posted is the Museum’s discretion. Though we do our very best to engage with as many exhibiting and visiting artists as possible, we do not guarantee that we will follow each artist’s account or engage with them on their social media channels or ours. 

In preparing for an exhibition or Visiting Artist Residency, it is at the discretion of the Museum of Glass Marketing and Communications Team which content is shared on our social media networks and email communications.

When sharing Museum of Glass content, always tag the Museum at @museumofglass. Contact the Marketing Department to be provided with approved copy, logos, and images.