General Terms and Conditions
for Reproduction Rights

Requests for reproduction of photographic material from the collection of Museum of Glass must be received in writing. Applicants must complete the Application for Reproduction Rights.

Permission is granted for only one usage in one publication, one edition, and in one language. Additional language editions and subsequent editions will be considered upon application. The Museum will not grant exclusive reproduction rights for any work in the collection.

The Museum in its sole discretion reserves the right to deny permission to any applicant whose product is not acceptable to the Museum for any reason, as well as to refuse permission for further applications from a publisher if, in its opinion, acceptable standards of reproduction, care of materials, or professionalism have not been obtained.

Permission to reproduce is premised and conditioned upon payment of the fees involved prior to publication. Failure to pay the required fees means permission has not been granted. When paid, the invoice, together with completed Permission for Reproduction contract, constitutes official permission for reproduction.

Fees for photographic materials and usage on the Fee Schedule are subject to change without notice.

When requesting Digital images, resolution and size must be stated. Publishable images must be deleted after project is completed, thumbnails may be kept for reference. Images may not be altered in any manner.

Images may not be cropped, manipulated, overprinted, toned, silhouetted, bled or altered in any way without prior written permission from the Museum. Requests must be received in writing with a layout of the proposed alteration prior to publication. If approved, detailed reproductions must be identified as such in the credit line. Images may be color corrected by applicant.

Digital video files are provided in 1080i.60 only. The Museum grants permission for the files to be down converted to preferred resolution.

The Museum prohibits duplication and distribution of raw footage.

Reproduction is permitted only from materials/images supplied by the Museum.

Slides, negatives, and/or prints may not be made by outside companies or photographers for commercial purposes without the Museum’s prior written consent.

Please note that requests are reviewed in the order they are received. Allow a minimum of three weeks for review and processing.

Once your request is reviewed, a Museum representative will contact you with further information pertaining to your specific request, including any relevant fees.

Professional journalists and members of the media may request images to accompany media coverage of the Museum, its exhibitions, and its public programs by emailing our Media Relations department.  


Questions? Contact the curatorial department.


Applicants must complete the Application for Reproduction Rights.