Science of Art

Established in 2002, the Science of Art™ program at Museum of Glass is a pioneering educational outreach initiative for K-8 students that integrates art and science in the classroom to create a fuller and more comprehensive understanding of the workings of our world. The program teaches scientific principles, creative processes, and twenty-first century learning skills of teamwork, critical thinking, and applied problem solving. Lessons are designed to spark the imagination, motivating students to engage in lesson activities consisting of formal science, new technologies, and abstract art concepts.

Museum of Glass is in partnership with Tacoma Public Schools to offer every 6th grader in the district an in-person Science of Art experience. However, the program is available to any district.

MOG’s Science of Art curriculum approaches real-world problems with artistic and scientific thinking to invent novel solutions. Students involved in the program explore the world with creativity and develop a deeper understanding of their place in it. As of 2023, Science of Art has ignited the curiosity of over 12,000 students.

Science of Art Tours

The program has five distinct units based on Next Generation Science Standards and Washington State Arts Standards. It takes place over three sessions, beginning with two visits from a MOG art educator to the classroom and concluding with a trip to the Museum where students take guided tours of MOG’s galleries, Hot Shop, and Education Studio. In the Hot Shop, glassblowers demonstrate the intersection of the creative arts and the sciences, making the holistic merger of these disciplines tangible. In the Education Studio, students engage in artmaking, drawing inspiration from what they experience in the galleries and Hot Shop. On-site Science of Art tours are available for groups of 15-80 students.

Museum of Glass believes that arts engagement gives students the liberty to think, discover, and combine form and function. Science of Art provides teachers with pre- and post-visit curriculum materials which introduce and reinforce ideas that are important to students advancing in their grade levels. Innovative concepts and challenging activities are available, whether the child is learning in the classroom or at home.

Virtual Science of Art

In 2020, Museum educators introduced virtual access to the Science of Art curriculum, expanding access to school classrooms across the state of Washington while also providing children learning from home with opportunities to understand how the arts help increase their understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math. This also made the program a viable instrument as an international education platform. In 2022, the curriculum was further updated to focus on the concept of phenomena.

Virtual Science of Art offers students the same opportunity for experimentation and exploration within the intersections of art and science as MOG’s traditional Science of Art program. Each unit features a Creativity Trunk which includes supplies for all unit experiments and demonstrations. Creativity Trunks can be purchased from Museum of Glass for schools in the Tacoma, Washington area, or educators can compile their own Creativity Trunk using the supply list.

Program Units

Amazing Marbles

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Students will explore science fundamentals in properties of matter, pushes and pulls, and engineering and design through glass processes in cane and marble making.

$75/class of 30 students

Predicting the Pattern

1st – 3rd Grade

Through exploration in patterns found in art and daily life -- from cane murrine to music -- students will learn about sound, vibration, light, patterns, static electricity, engineering and design, and structure of properties.

$75/class of 30 students


3rd – 5th Grade

Students will learn about different forms of thermal energy by researching hot shop equipment. Science fundamentals covered are thermal energy waves and information, structures and properties of matter, engineering and design, forces and interactions, and states of matter.

$75/class of 30 students

A New Ton of Energy

5th – 7th Grade

Students will experiment with radiant energy, chemical reactions, forces and interactions, waves and electromagnetic radiation, design and engineering, as well as structure and properties of matter through classroom activities and teacher demonstrations.

$75/class of 30 students

Designing Tools

6th – 8th Grade

By designing custom tools for a hot shop, students will explore structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions, forces and interactions, waves and electromagnetic radiation, and design and engineering

$75/class of 30 students


Science of Art On-site Tours: $9/student, $6/teacher, $6/chaperone

Virtual Science of Art: $75/class of 30 students

Creativity Trunk: $100, supplies for 30 students

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On-site Science of Art tours are available during the first and third weeks of each month. Pre-visit lessons with a Museum of Glass art educator will be scheduled the week prior to your Museum visit.

Please contact us to schedule your tour at least 4 weeks in advance. When calling to book a tour, please have several date options in mind. Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card, or purchase order. Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to the tour to avoid charges.

Thank You to the Science of Art Sponsors

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